Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Improves Your Body and Calms Your Mind

If you have just enrolled in a local yoga class at The Moving Meditation, you have taken a positive step towards improving your health and well being! There are hundreds of different yoga styles and disciplines. Some are considered classic yoga while there are many other styles being adapted today for therapeutic reasons like overcoming back pain, or creative applications like Barre, which adds ballet moves to the typical "asanas" (poses). Nevertheless, there is a style for every yoga student in Dennis, Ma. and each type brings its yogis a wide range of health benefits. Whether you have chosen a more meditative and relaxing form of Hatha yoga such as Restorative or a more demanding and athletic style such as  or Vinyasa, regular practice can be healing, lead to increased focus, stress relief, flexibility and more!

Health Benefits of Yoga  Yoga is a whole body, mind healing, and fitness discipline. After you have participated in your local yoga class in {South Dennis a few times, you may start noticing the following health benefits:

Stress Relief   We know that too much stress is bad for the body on all fronts. All forms of yoga at The Moving Meditation bring your stress levels down through increased focus on breath, body movement, and various states of meditation. Studies show that this stress reduction improves blood pressure, relieves headaches, improves sleep quality, and boosts mood for people suffering depression and anxiety.

Improved Strength, Flexibility, and Balance
With one of Maureen's  yoga classes you are provided individual help so that you can stretch and work practically every muscle and system in your body both gently and thoroughly. This is helpful for people who want to improve overall fitness. It also helps you avoid injuries by improving your balance and coordination.

Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Obesity - Maureen is a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach.  Her certification is through Harvard Medical's extension program "The Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine" with Dr. Beth Frates.

Classic yoga styles have also been shown to provide therapeutic health benefits that support people as they work through a wide variety of chronic diseases. Yoga can lower your stress, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve communication. Thanks to better nerve communication, you will enjoy increased focus on the body-mind connection through your local yoga class at The Moving meditation.

Weight Management- all stages with Lifestyle Medicine

Combining physical exercise with meditation helps address emotional issues associated with eating and nutrition. This is therapeutic for yogis who want to lose weight.

Talk with your health provider about how taking a class at The Moving Meditation in South Dennis could improve your health and wellness! After even a single class, you may begin to notice a calmness of mind and feel new stretching in muscles that you forgot you had but which are yearning to be used!

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