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All asana classes begin with centering and drawing inward, moving through warm-ups, posture and period of rest.

Choose the class that is most appropriate for you. Modifications and person specific attention is always offered…

All Yoga is excellent for relieving stress, while developing strength, balance and flexibility. There is an appropriate practice for ALL fitness levels. Proper breathing is taught to help each student balance effort and ease with their practice.

Yin  Yoga with Reiki and Thai Massage- balances the more meditative style of Yin with the more active style of Yang.  Yin yoga poses are held longer to penetrate deeper into the connective tissues. This helps to strengthen and increase range of motion, improve energy flow and heal..  Yang is more traditional with fluid like movement, increasing muscular strength and flexibility. The intention is to leave with a grounded, calm fluid feeling. doTerra essential oils are used in Patty's classes.  ( We hope to see Patty again, soon)

Hatha Flow/ Vinyasa  – Yogis who are familiar w/ breath work, sun salutes, balances and floor work.

Hatha - A perfect way to  begin or end your day. Stretch and strengthen your body and still your mind. Peppered with poses to help quiet the mind.  A longer savasana and guided meditation. Finish feeling restored and relaxed.

Chair Yoga – For those w/ limited joint mobility, high blood Pressure(under control).. w/ M.D. Approval…. C.O.P.D. and Cardiac Conditions… w/ M.D. Approval. Special  attention to breath work and balance…

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